Factory Specialised Volkswagen Smash Repairers

If your Volkswagen is damaged, don't trust just any smash repairer - trust Amex Autobody. As a Volkswagen factory specialised repairer, we will ensure your vehicle is restored to original factory specifications using only Volkswagen approved repair techniques and tools.

Volkswagen vehicles are known for their unique design and quality German engineering. As a Volkswagen owner, you'll know that these vehicles are built with the driver in mind. In fact, Volkswagen means 'people's car' in German. At AMEX, our experienced team of technicians truly care about the quality of their workmanship. Your vehicle will be returned to 'as new' condition with a lifetime guarantee on parts and paint.

Quality Volkswagen Smash Repairs

  • We meet Volkswagen's exacting standards ensuring our customers always receive the quality of service and workmanship you would expect.
  • Carry out all repairs using Volkswagen approved tools and equipment.
  • Will only use Volkswagen approved repair techniques and methods.
  • All repairs will be carried out by Volkswagen trained technicians.
  • Fully computerised chassis alignment equipment, spray booth baking facility and efficient job tracking to ensure high quality repairs and service.

Insurance Claims:

Choose Amex Autobody - It's Your Choice!
In the event of an accident, your insurance company may try to send you to one of their preferred shops, where they may not use Volkswagen-approved repair methods or genuine VW parts.

However, it's you're right to choose where your vehicle is repaired, so why not choose an experienced Volkswagen factory specialised repairer. Ask your insurer to have your Volkswagen repaired at AMEX Autobody.
Arrange a quote at AMEX Autobody and see why we're Melbourne's trusted choice for Volkswagen body repairs.

Why Choose AMEX?

  • Volkswagen approved tools and equipment used
  • Only use Volkswagen approved repair techniques and methods
  • Volkswagen trained technicians
One of Melbourne's best equipped workshops